Whether you’re coping with cancer or are a family member caring for a loved one with the disease, you need reliable information to help you make decisions about treatment, care and coping strategies. AltCare is that resource.

From the latest news on cancer research and cancer treatments to health-related topics and advice on how to survive financially when strapped with medical bills, AltCare is here to help. AltCare was specifically created to be your go-to portal for cancer-related information. You can find a list of clinics that utilize integrative, natural or conventional therapy cancer treatments or find creative ways to stay financially afloat when bills for cancer care pile up.

AltCare is also happy to provide comprehensive details about natural, scientific and medical approaches to cancer treatments. You can learn more about experimental procedures to add to your knowledge base, then present it to your oncologist or cancer specialist for discussion. Knowledge is the key to navigating life – and life with cancer – with grace. AltCare strives to be the resource that fuels you with knowledge, hope and coping methods when you or a loved one is affected by the debilitating financial, physical and emotional effects of cancer.

Check back often for updates and the latest news about cancer procedures, cancer-related financial resources and clinics that can help you and your family navigate this disease.

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